From spitting to hugging at weird places: 8 awkward celebrity-fan moments

  • Simran Bajaj, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Jun 29, 2016 15:33 IST
Don’t know why but we don’t think Hugh Grant is enjoying this picture very much. (Twitter)

Celebrities are always under the scanner, be it for their clothing, whereabouts, partners or any minuscule thing about them. And this scanner often catches them doing something really awkward at times.

Recently, Adele invited a fan onstage to click a selfie with but ended up burping in her face. She blamed it on the ‘dirty burger’ she had before her performance. Of course, this gave a perfect opportunity to dive deep into the archives and bring you the weirdest celebrity-fan moments ever.

1. Leonardo DiCaprio


This is highly creepy and weird. Leo’s fan went way over the top to kneel down and worship his man parts. Seriously dude?

2. Justin Bieber


The Baby hit-maker is also quite the news maker. Justin was coolly seen handling his female fan in a little too cosy way, maybe. If anyone remembers, he even spat on his fans from a balcony once. Classic Beiber.

3. Russell Brand


This one is really awkward. Russell and his fan’s non-coordinated moment of affection.

4. Will Smith

Poor Will did not know what hit him. A fan came out to hug him during an award show and the hug extended to an attempted kiss. The MIB star lightly slapped the fan’s face before pushing him away.

5. Robin Thicke


We say the walls have ears but to this man we must say that mirrors have reflections. Getting clicked with this fan, Robin forgot about the mirror behind him and he was clicked grabbing his fan’s bum.

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6. Bradley Cooper

Fans have a weird way of showing their love and Cooper got a piece of weird love. During the 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Award, a fan, rather a journalist fan, grabed Cooper’s legs and gave a nice long hug to his crotch.

7. Fergie


Back in 2005, the Black Eyed Peas singer reached the venue quite late for a show and had to pop out of their cars directly onto the stage and couldn’t use the loo. Time and pee waits for none and Fergie ended up peeing her pants as her fans watched in sheer shock.

8. Katy Perry

The Last Friday Night singer collapsed on stage during a live performance in 2014 and had to be carried backstage by crew.

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