Game of Thrones author 'tired' of Marvel's movie villains

  • PTI, Los Angeles
  • Updated: Jul 26, 2015 13:04 IST

George RR Martin, the brain behind path-breaking TV show Game of Thrones, is not happy with the way latest Marvel villains are designed. The 66-year-old author took to his blog to write about the latest addition Ant-Man which he feels has "a proper balance of story, character, humour, and action", reported Variety.

But A Song of Ice and Fire author had one problem with Ant-Man as well which was - the villain. "I am tired of this Marvel movie trope where the bad guy has the same powers as the hero. The Hulk fought the Abomination, who is just a bad Hulk. Spider-Man fights Venom, who is just a bad Spider-Man.

"Iron Man fights Ironmonger, a bad Iron Man. Yawn. I want more films where the hero and the villain have wildly different powers. That makes the action much more interesting," he wrote.

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