Gerard Butler and Vin Diesel headed for Kane and Lynch

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  • Updated: Nov 06, 2013 18:28 IST

Riddick is back, more fiery, more vengeful and more alert than ever before. Take a journey with the predatory adventurer played by Vin Diesel as he takes on his enemies with a vengeance.

The two action movie stars could team up for a film adaptation of the popular video game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The specialized website reports that Gerard Butler (Olympus Has Fallen) is in active talks with producers to star in the Kane and Lynch adaptation, while Vin Diesel's participation is still unconfirmed. Producers have reached out to Diesel formally, however, to offer him one of the title roles.

If the talks pan out, the pair will headline a project that has been in the making since 2008. Bruce Willis and Jamie Foxx came close to playing Kane and Lynch under the direction of F. Gary Gray several years ago. The director, who is still on track to helm the Kane and Lynch adaptation, worked with Gerard Butler on the set of his thriller Law Abiding Citizen (2009).

The Kane and Lynch video game series includes two titles for PC and games consoles, released in 2007 and 2010. The games follow the adventures of Kane, a former mercenary on death row. The protagonist teams up with his psychopathic co-inmate Lynch to escape from jail and save his wife and daughter.


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