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Harry Potter fans spellbound forever

hollywood Updated: Jul 17, 2011 15:23 IST
Tanvi Dube
Tanvi Dube
Hindustan Times
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Ever peeked into the mind of a true Harry Potter fan? Their head is swarming with spells, potions, quidditch matches, magical alleys and markets; actually a whole new parallel magical world. Their manic love for the series will immortalise and protect it from dying like Harry's mum saved Harry from dying by protecting him with her love.

'I'd say "Accio Harry Potter" and I'd see only seven books and 8 DVD's in my hand? Wish I was a witch. Then I could 'obliviate' the memories of the author and the makers of the movies so that they would forget that they had ever done any such thing. And then I'd keep them under my 'Imperius curse' and make Rowling write more and warner bros produce more movies. I would rather 'alohomora' the doors to the fanatic world of Harry Potter fandom than ever to close it with my wand. I am not a psycho or a murderous kind of a person but I do feel like I would definitely use the body-binding curse, 'petrificus totalus', on Harry, Ron and Hermione if they ever try to run.'

Well, these are like the thoughts of every True Harry Potter Fan. They might freak you out but they are not psychos. The 'stupefying' world of magical spells is not easily understood by a muggle (non-magical person). People need to know and understand the etymology behind every spell to finally understand what it does. But these fans actually live another life in their imagination in which they fantasise about being one of the magical people and they understand every spell, potion or curse. They are not freaks just diehard fans of a book that has enchanted them for more than a decade.

PotterThe book and films have been a part of their lives for over a decade and to see it coming to end is unbearable for the fans. The further you go into the minds of these fans even if by using 'legilimency' which is the magical practice of reading minds, the more you hear them say stuff like "No one can ever say 'evanesco' and make HP disappear, we will keep it alive".

Have you ever witnessed the line that awaits the selling of the HP books or the selling of the movie tickets? We might not see long queues outside bookshops and movie tickets anymore, but Harry Potter fans will keep the legacy alive.