If you found the poster revealing, wait for the movie: Eva Green

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  • Updated: Aug 06, 2014 14:03 IST

Hollywood actor Eva Green in the poster for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For.

Former Bond-girl Eva Green is surprised by the controversy surrounding her revealing poster for Sin City 2.

"I mean...the poster, you don't see anything!," the French actor told E! News.

"Just wait for the movie then. It's in 3-D as well. Enjoy yourself, you know! It was nothing on the poster, it was lots of noise for nothing," she said.

In the poster, which was deemed to be a too-sexual teaser image, features Green's Ava Lord in a flimsy white robe with a gleaming pistol in hand.

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It was considered too risque for public by the Motion Picture Association of America, prompting Dimension Films to release an edited version of the poster.

ABC also refused to air the trailer.

The actor, however, is surprised over how the violence in the film, implied by her brandishing a weapon, was okay with the MPAA but the hint at nudity was censored.


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