Kiss with Jennifer Lawrence was Amy Adams' idea

Jennifer Lawrence won the Golden Globe award for Best supporting actress for her performance in David O. Russell's con-artist caper American Hustle.

On a recent visit to a talk show, where she was promoting her upcoming film, American Hustle, Amy Adams opened up about kissing co-star Jennier Lawrence.

The 39-year-old confessed that it was actually her idea to lock lips with 23-year-old Lawrence. In a previous interview, Amy had described the experience as ‘electric’.

“I thought she should kiss me. My character is really strong and her character is kind of crazy, and I was thinking, ‘Why would I let her leave?’ because I really want to tell her something.

And I thought, ‘What’s the craziest thing she could have done to me?’ And I thought she should kiss me,” says Amy.


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