Tweeples to Academy Awards: please give Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

     Raise your glass to the new star studded Scorsese movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, based  on the life and memoirs of Jordan Belfort, a ...

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

    This black comedy features the journey of a young ambitious man, who starts of as being broke and righteous, and grows to be filthy rich ...

  • The World of Wall Street Still

    Look forward to confusion, comedy, indulgence and extravagance. Belfort, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, pulls no stops while trying to keep his illegal stock business ...

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

    Scorsese who has a remarkable history at the Academy Awards, could be the one who finally does it for Leonardo, who, inspite of being nominated ...

  • The Wolf of Wall Street, Margot Robbie and Leonardo Di Caprio

    Margot Robbie, who you might remember from the TV shows Pan Am, and neighbours, plays the female lead- Naomi.

  • Leonardo Di Caprio

    Reviews agree that if it was directed by anyone but Scorsese, the film could have turned vulgur and tacky. However, witty and well executed, the ...

  • The Wolf of Wall Street, Jonah Hill

    The Superbad actor, Jonah Hill also features as Donnie Azoff, based on Jordan's real life friend and fraud-partner Danny Porush.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo Di Caprio and  Matthew McConaughey

    The hilariously intriguing scenes depicted in the trailer, such as this one, where McConaughuey encourages DiCaprio to hum and thum his chest in a restruant, ...

  • The Wolf of Wall Street Poster

    Set to release on the 25th of December, this year, this movie has already created a lot of buzz and definitely seems like something the ...

Leonardo DiCaprio did not get an Oscar this year, yet again. The fact has enraged and disappointed his fans who took to Twitter to express their displeasure. Sometimes funny, mostly sarcastic, the tweets began immediately after the Oscar for the best actor in a leading role was announced.

Many had hoped that the 39-year-old actor would finally get his first Oscar almost 20 years after he was first nominated. However, Matthew McConaughey was throughout the frontrunner for the best actor Oscar for his turn in Dallas Buyers Club and finally went home with the prized statuette.

Dicaprio was nominated for his portrayal of financial crook Jordan Belfort in Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street.

When Leo became a victim of McConnaisance: a meme doing the rounds.

While Stereotypewritter tweeted "LK Advani will become PM before #LeonardoDiCaprio gets an Oscar," IndiaSpeaks wrote, "#LeonardoDiCaprio calls the Oscars 2014 fixed. Joins AAP with immediate effect."

Read on for more tweets.

@brennanikeda: RT if you have the same amount of Oscars as #LeonardoDiCaprio #Oscars2014.

@babumoshoy: LK Advani will become PM before #LeonardoDiCaprio gets an Oscar. #Oscars2014.

@IndiaSpeaksPR: Breaking News: #LeonardoDiCaprio calls the #Oscars2014 fixed. Joins AAP with immediate effect.

@AyeshaDurrani2: Don't feel bad about non-Oscar winners, they have million$ of rea$on$ to celebrate. #LeonardoDiCaprio #SandraBullock. Actors are overpaid.

@spaceman_spifff: Every time Leo Dicaprio doesn't win an Oscar, an actor like Tushar Kapoor(Uday Chopra, Kamaal R khan etc)  is born.?

@ashleybernal1: Well, Leo still doesn't have an oscar. I believe my sanity just exploded... #LeonardoDiCaprio

@Punks_raja: 5 nominations each for #LeonardoDiCaprio and #AmyAdams. One day they will get what they deserve. #Oscars

@MrTwitchy94: The Wolf of Wall Street but the Goat of the Academy. #LeonardoDiCaprio #PunzForDays #Oscars2014

@CrystalWilky: he might not have won an Oscar yet, but the amount of people routing (sic) for him to do so means so much more than the award #LeonardoDiCaprio

@RadhikaSik: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride #LeonardoDiCaprioForOscar #LeonardoDiCaprio #Shouldvewonanoscar #heartbroken

@bwoyblunder: Advani has just sent Friend Request to #LeonardoDiCaprio

@zoomphatak: That day is near when Uday chopra will get Oscar for dhoom 12 but #LeonardoDiCaprio will still miss it...#Oscars2014 



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