Love Actually’s sad story got way more depressing after this revelation

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  • Updated: Dec 15, 2015 17:27 IST
One of Love Actually’s writers, Emma Freud, had pretty big reveals as she watched the film with director Richard Curtis.

It has been 12 years since Love Actually came out but it is still the top choice if you are aiming for that happy-fuzzy holiday feeling. We will have to thank one of the film’s writers, Emma Freud, for taking it away from us – and in the middle of holiday season as well!

Freud, girlfriend of film’s director Richard Curtis, watched the film with him and their two children on Sunday. They were watching the film for the first time since its premiere and to mark the occasion, Freud tweeted details about the film as they watched it.

Her biggest reveal was that Alan Rickman’s Harry actually did cheat on his near-perfect wife Karen, played by the near-perfect Emma Thompson. No, it did not end with him gifting the secretary Mia a necklace. No, it didn’t stop with her suggestively opening her legs as he watched. It didn’t even cease with a flirtation. It went all the way, ALL the way, according to Freud’s tweets.

She added that Karen doesn’t leave Harry. As we saw in the film, she returned to him after leaving for a brief while. And she stayed, according to Freud, unhappy ever after.

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This is not the fate we want for Karen -- the perfect wife, the perfect mother, the perfect sister, the perfect friend. Perhaps Freud, Karen saying goodbye to the cheating scum for her friend Daniel (Liam Neeson) would have been SO much better.

And here’s something even more depressing – Martin Freeman actually wore a bunny sock on his, umm, unmentionables while shooting for the porn scenes.

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