Meet the man who sang Jungle Jungle Baat Chali Hai

  • Medha Shri Dahiya, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 05, 2016 13:37 IST
Singer Amol Sahdev is now a 33-year-old corporate professional living in Noida.

Remember the song Jungle, Jungle Baat Chali Hai Pata Chala Hai, Chaddi Pehen Ke Phool Khila Hai..., the title track of the animated TV series, The Jungle Book? Now, with the book being turned into a Hollywood film, the song is back on the listeners mind, and Amol Sahdev, who sang the song as a child artist back in the 90s, says that the recent hype about the film has brought him under the spotlight again.

“So, one morning I get up, and I find my mailbox inundated, my Facebook had innumerable friend requests and messages ... for once, I thought my account had been hacked, then I read a few messages and realised that people had tracked me down after watching the new Jungle Book track. They have been writing such lovely things,” says the happy 33-year-old corporate professional, who now lives in Noida.

He was just 9 years old when he recorded the song, but Amol says the song has always been part of his life’s journey. “I became popular in school and did about 100 live shows too,” he says. But Amol feels that he did not get the kind of recognition that he could have got. “The fame I was supposed to get then, has come to me now. If social media was what it is today, the song would have gone viral.”

However, Amol, who did not take up music professionally earlier, plans to do so now. “I have been asked by so many people to put my music online, I think this is the right time. Some people from the film industry have also approached me, I plan to shift to Mumbai.”

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