Oscar 2011 quiz

You think you know all about Oscars 2011? Here's a chance to show your knowledge and take home movie tickets. Just answer these simple questions and watch your favourite movie for free!

 Q.1 Nicole Kidman has nominated for Oscars for her role in?

a. Rabbit Hole

b. True Grit

c. The Social Network

d. The King's Speech

Q.2 Who will be hosting this year's Oscar ceremony?

a. Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore

b. Scarlett Johansson - Justin Timberlake

c. James Franco - Anne Hathaway

d. Cameron Diaz - Ben Stiller

Q.3 The Social Network is based on whose life?

a. Bill Gates

b. Mark Zuckerberg

c. Richard Branson

d. Steve Jobs

Q.4 Which Danny Boyle film is the Oscar race this time?

a. Black Swan

b. 127 Hours

c. Winter's Bone

d. Inception

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