Pamela Anderson says she is ready to date men in 'plurals'

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  • Updated: May 23, 2015 15:58 IST

Pamela Anderson, who recently got divorced from Rick Salomon again, opened up about her divorce saying that she has a habit of taking a second chance.

The Baywatch star appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where the host gave her an analogy about marriage to which the actor agreed, E! Online reported.

"It's like when you put something back in the fridge that’s not good. It’s not gonna be good the second time. When you go in there. I mean."

And the mother-of-two could not have agreed more. "You're right, you're right. I know I get it. I get the lesson. Yes. I get it. I do that a lot."

The 47-year-old actor added that she has learned her lesson, however, she also gave a hint that she may or may not tie the knot again. The Playmate further explained that when the time comes she gets back into the dating world, she plans on going out with more than one suitor.

"You’re gonna date people aren't you?" Ellen pondered.

"Plural. Yes," the blonde beauty answered.

Pam and Rick first tied the knot in 2007 but the marriage was annulled only two months after the wedding.

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