Russell Brand may play Worzel Gummidge

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  • Updated: Feb 08, 2012 18:59 IST

Russell Brand may play Worzel Gummidge in a big-screen remake of the 80s television hit. Hollywood producers reckon the British comedian would be perfect to play the famous talking scarecrow.

Efforts are under way to secure Peter Jackson of the Lord Of The Rings fame.

Russell BrandHe was involved in the original series when filming was relocated to his native New Zealand in 1987.

The ITV show drew massive audiences with ex-Doctor Who actor Jon Pertwee in the title role alongside Una Stubbs, 74, as Aunt Sally.

US executives reckon a modern overhaul will rake in millions. Patrick Pidgeon, who is already producing a Hollywood adaptation of 80s TV classic Rentaghost starring Ben Stiller, 46, is pushing the idea.

“It’s had zero exposure here. You’re pitching it and they have a blank look on their faces,” the Daily Star quoted Pidgeon as saying.

“But I’m talking to writers and trying to reboot it. I want to completely reimagine the story,” he said.

He said Brand, 36, who recently split from pop star wife Katy Perry, 27, would be ideal for the role.

“The actor who plays Worzel doesn’t have to look like the late Jon Pertwee,” Pidgeon said.

“I want to come up with a totally new way of how the character became Worzel.

“And maybe we could take him out of a rural setting into a Victorian town,” he added.


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