Second trailer: Men In Black 3 in 3D

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  • Updated: Mar 07, 2012 11:23 IST
The second trailer of Men in Black 3, starring Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones has just released, featuring Josh Brolin playing the wry Agent K 40 years earlier with a convincing imitation.

In this sequel to the sci-fi comedy, a secret of the universe involves time traveling for Agent K. Agent J follows him back to 1969 to unlock the mystery.

Official poster of Men In Black 3

The past has no space guns or high-tech equipment to fight the oncoming alien invasion, but Agent J must find a way to save his partner and the planet in 24 hours or he can't return to the future.

The film also stars Emma Thompson and Bill Hader (Paul) as Andy Warhol and is directed by Barry Sonnenfeld, who helmed the previous MIB films and Get Shorty.

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Men in Black 3 opens in 3D worldwide May 23-25.


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