Spectre's drunken crew riots on 007's jet, trigger air safety alert

  • ANI, Wellington
  • Updated: Mar 30, 2015 13:42 IST

The film crew of new James Bond movie Spectre recently got drunk and trashed the official 007 private jet.

Portuguese airline Hi Fly reported to the Bond film company Eon stating film workers triggered an international air safety alert with their reckless behavior, due to excess consumption of alcohol, Stuff.co.nz reported.

Around 150 stunt men, camera crew and technicians were travelling on the privately chartered Airbus 330 from Stansted airport in Britain to Mexico for a two-week shoot in early March, and reports included of people vomiting and urinating in the aisles, smoking on board the plane, verbal abuse towards flight staff and the removal of a safety pin from one of the aircraft's doors.


A still from Spectre's shooting.

The plane's cleaning cost £1000 and the producers of the film have said they would be investigating.

It is believed that the cast members including Daniel Craig were not on board the flight.

Hi Fly has agreed to fly the crew back to the UK at the end of their two-week shoot, keeping the condition of no alcohol and extra security being added at the airport when the plane lands from Mexico to ensure no passengers arrive drunk.

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