Watch: action-packed trailer for, Elysium, with Matt Damon

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  • Updated: Jun 16, 2013 18:00 IST

Cast member Matt Damon attends a panel for Elysium during Comic Con International convention in San Diego, California July 13, 2012. (Reuters)

A new trailer is out for the upcoming science fiction action blockbuster starring Matt Damon as a man transformed into a future Robin Hood.

Tristar Pictures has dropped a three-minute trailer summing up the picture's plot in a nutshell. After District 9, South African filmmaker Neill Blomkamp is directing another parable about apartheid, in this case a world divided between the poor, huddled masses, condemned to toil on a ravaged and overpopulated planet Earth, and the rich, holed up on an orbiting space station, living the good life in a high-tech utopia called Elysium.

The trailers shows Max, suffering from terminal cancer, leading an armed uprising against Elysium. Fitted out with an exoskeleton, Max takes on the henchmen of the space haven's ruthless leader, played by Jodie Foster.

Elysium is due out in theaters across Canada and the US on August 9.

Watch the trailer for Elysium below:



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