Watch: Batman vs Superman's leaked trailer is spectacular

  • Jyoti Sharma Bawa, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 17, 2015 16:18 IST

A day after director Zack Snyder shared 20-second footage from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, its full-length trailer has leaked. Despite Warner Bros best efforts to shut down YouTube videos, the trailer of this Ben Affleck, Henry Cavill-starrer is available on file-sharing sites and streaming platforms.

The trailer was to be viewed by paying audience at select theatres on April 20.

The leak was taped off of a movie screen and it seems the trailer was playing off a loop. The captions on it appear to be in Portuguese.

The quality is not great as it has been filmed off a screen on what appears to be a phone.

The trailer itself is spectacular. There is something rotten in the state of Gotham. After what happened in Man of Steel, Superman has lost the trust of people. Alone and termed a 'False God', it seems the superhero is hated by the entire city.

Holly Hunter and Lex Luthor, whose voiceovers we hear, are especially vociferous. "Devils don't come from hell beneath us," Luthor says. "They come from the sky."

Batman, meanwhile, is ready to stand up to Superman, thereby explaining the Batman vs Superman title.

We also see Affleck as the unmasked Bruce Wayne as Alfred (Jeremy Irons) says, "That's how it starts, the feeling, the powerlessness that turns good men cruel."

The talk is interrupted by scenes of mayhem and blasts in a city which seems to have lost its faith and trust.

The last scene of the trailer is especially evocative. "Tell me, do you bleed?" a Batman with glowing eyes asks Superman as it rains in the grey and grimy city. The caped crusader ends it with an ominous promise, "You will".

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