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Who’s the next spidey villain

hollywood Updated: Jul 11, 2012 00:20 IST
Robin Bansal
Robin Bansal
Hindustan Times
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Those of you who would have waited in theatres till the end credits in The Amazing Spider-Man must have had a glimpse of Dr Curt Connors, aka, The Lizard, locked up in an asylum where a sinisterly voiced silhouetted figure visits him before vanishing into thin air.

This scene hints at Spider-Man’s next arch nemesis, who will most likely be seen in the sequel of the film, which will release in 2014. Director Marc Webb is quiet on any information regarding the baddie in Part II of the new Spidey trilogy.

“It’s too early to talk about that (the villains) or the sequel right now,” Webb had recently told us over the phone from Los Angeles, US. However, we look at some of the possible contenders for the villain’s role in the sequel.

Real name:
William Baker
He accidently has his cells spliced with sand molecules due to radiation from a nuclear-weapon testing on an abandoned beach while escaping from prison. This converts him into a shapeshifter, with the ability to turn himself into sand. He also has been portrayed in Spider-Man 3 (2007) by actor Thomas Haden Church. However, the silhouetted man’s ability to vanish in the asylum scene could also be explained if he was made of sand.

Green Goblin
Real name:
Norman Osborn
He is the head of Oscorp, who eventually turns into the insane villain, Green Goblin, after a lab experiment goes wrong. Though he has been shown in the 2002 Spider-Man flick, with actor Willem Dafoe essaying him, the fact that Osborn has been hinted all throughout the reboot, but not shown, would perhaps make him the most logical choice to play the villain in the sequel. As far as the vanishing act is concerned, let’s credit it to Osborn becoming super quick somehow.

Real name:
Dmitri Smerdyakov
He was born a Soviet citizen. He gained his knack for disguises through his service as a Russian spy. Having a featureless and malleable face, he utilises a microcomputer on his belt buckle to change his guise at the push of a button to whosoever he wants to. Chameleon has even impersonated the web slinger, before being exposed. The silhouetted man in the mid-credits scene could be him in one of his guises.

Real name:
Quentin Beck
He is a former Hollywood special effects wizard and stuntman with an expertise in magic, hypnosis, chemistry, engineering and illusions. He sports a fish-bowl helmet and cape. Considering the silhouetted man vanishes into thin air in the asylum scene, it could very well be that he was Mysterio, whose presence in the place was only an illusion.

Real name:
Maxwell ‘Max’ Dillon
He is a former electrical engineer, who gained the ability to control electricity after being struck by lightning while working on a power line. The accident caused a mutagenic change, transforming Max into a living capacitor. With the lightning shown in the mid-credits scene, it would make sense if the villain is Electro.

No title yet for the ‘amazing’ sequel
The Amazing Spider-Man director Marc Webb (left) has rubbished rumours that the sequel to the $342 million plus grosser is called The Ultimate Spider-Man. “No. It wouldn’t be called The Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s in a very early stage right now, so I don’t really have much to say. I can’t. But the story will continue for fans for sure,” he told us recently.

If we go by the titles of the spidey comics, then the sequel could very well be called The Spectacular Spider-Man, with the series coming to a conclusion with The Ultimate Spider-Man.