Why do we believe in Batman? 5 life lessons the Dark Knight taught us

  • Harikrishnan Nair, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
  • Updated: Apr 21, 2015 17:18 IST

The trailer of Zack Snyder's Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is out and fans have started raving, marking their calendars and making comparisons with Nolan's Batman already- forgetting that Superman is in the film too.

After the epic that was Nolan's Batman trilogy, Snyder obviously knows that bringing back such an iconic character comes with a lot of expectations.

The huge fan following that Batman commands is - apart from being 'cool'- his humanity and the fact that he is, by nature, dark.

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And Nolan captured this beautifully. Although the Dark Knight Rises couldn’t eclipse its predecessor (the sheer brilliance of Heath Ledger as the Joker is difficult to usurp, good luck Jared Letto), it did provide closure to the epic series.

One line that lingers with fans of the Batman Trilogy was that made by John Blake, "I believe in the Batman".

So, why do we believe in Batman? After all, he is just a fictitious character. If you have followed the series as closely as I have, there are several reasons why Christopher Nolan's rendition of Batman would connect with us as the as-close-to-human-as-possible hero.

Here are a few life lessons from the Batman of the Nolan series:

You need your friends

Nolan reinvented Batman. In the previous movies, all Batman had to do was press some button in his utility belt to solve his day-to-day problems. This was no longer a one-man-show and the protagonist had to seek guidance and support from a number of persons bringing him closer to real person. Moreover, Batman wasn’t always right and he did get beaten and broken. He was outsmarted on numerous occasions and didn’t mind his surroundings. But eventually, with a little help he got through. Don’t we all need help at some point? In that case, we could emulate the trust showed by the character. Not all of us can be a Batman; in which case we could be a Lucius Fox, a Jim Gordon, an Alfred Pennyworth or any of the supporting characters without who evil would have won.

Earn your trust, Keep

Trust of course, is a subtle thing as the second movie in the series showed, could be easily broken.

Yet, the movie shows not to lose trust in people completely. There are numerous occasions where you doubt and reach a point of calling yourself a misanthrope. But the night is darkest before the dawn. We cannot live in a world without trusting something and even after losing a lot; Batman did not lose trust in the system and kept true to his principles. There is a lot of mess out there, some that makes us cringe and bloodthirsty, but even if it is flawed, believe in the law. Rectify it if you must but do not become an executioner of punishment. If we lose trust and claim that the law can do nothing, we are merely repeating the lines of criminals.

Learn and become wealthy

Wealth is certainly useful as one moves to rebuild the society. Power comes to the wealthy and wealth comes to those with knowledge. Learn those lessons well; use it for purposes that empower you to help others. And for those who are already wealthy, don’t be silent to the atrocities around you. Learn the lives of others and strive for something that Batman eventually became; an immortal.

Wear a mask

Let not your deeds be with the expectation of a reward. Do what you have to in the most righteous way possible. The world owes you nothing. The world needn’t thank you. Anybody can be a hero.

Why do we fall master Wayne?

Never give up. Your house may have been broken down, your opponents may be better than you. You may be at your weakest. But you fall, to get back up again.

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