• A screen shot of the website of National Council of Hindu Temples.
    Jul 08, 2015 01:45 IST

    UK regulator of charities drops probe against Hindu body

    Britain’s regulator of charity organisations has dropped an inquiry against an umbrella organisation representing Hindu temples in Britain that broke rules by appealing to the community before the May 7 elections to vote for the Conservative party.

  • Flower
    Jul 08, 2015 01:04 IST

    Gandhi’s message recalled on 7/7 London bombing anniversary

    After bombs went off on three London Underground lines during the rush hour of July 7, 2005, another ripped through a doube-decker bus in Tavistock Square near the statue of Mahatma Gandhi, whose message of peace was poignantly recalled a decade later on Tuesday.

  • Barack Obama
    Jul 08, 2015 00:25 IST

    War against Islamic State 'will not be quick', says Obama

    President Barack Obama said Monday the war against the Islamic State will not be quick and will require continued global commitment to fight it not only militarily but also ideologically.

  • Yemen Saudi air strikes Houthis
    Jul 08, 2015 01:15 IST

    Yemen: Saudi air strikes kill at least 176 Houthis and civilians

    Saudi-led coalition air strikes and clashes killed at least 176 fighters and civilians in Yemen on Monday, residents and media run by the Houthi movement said, the highest daily toll since the Arab air offensive began more than three months ago.

  • Greek PM Alexis Tsipras Brussels summit Greece crisis
    Jul 07, 2015 22:07 IST

    Greece arrives without debt plan, eurozone ministers 'angry'

    Greece did not come up with a "concrete proposal" at a meeting of eurozone finance ministers on Tuesday despite European pressure on Athens for a new debt plan.

  • A portrait of Malala Yousafzai
    Jul 07, 2015 23:30 IST

    Turning 18, Malala says she'll remain 'voice of children'

    Pakistan's Malala Yousafzai, the youngest winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, urged an extra $39 billion a year for education worldwide on Tuesday and said she wants to remain the "voice of children" even after she turns 18 next week.

  • LGBT, gay
    Jul 07, 2015 22:40 IST

    Posters threatening gays with death seen in Turkish capital Ankara

    A Turkish Islamist group has pinned posters to walls and posts in the Turkish capital Ankara threatening gays with death. There are growing concerns over the intolerance against homosexuals in the country.

  • Occupy Wall Street
    Jul 07, 2015 22:33 IST

    Indian-American man assaulted in New Jersey

    A 57-year-old Indian American man, last Wednesday, became the latest victim of an assailant who, the police said, has targeted men from the same community in New Jersey state.

  • Afghan Taliban
    Jul 07, 2015 22:28 IST

    Afghan delegation to hold talks with Taliban in Pakistan: official

    An Afghan delegation will soon be in peace talks with the Taliban, officials said Tuesday, the latest move towards dialogue despite the militants' bloody and escalating summer offensive.

  • Baghdad
    Jul 07, 2015 20:29 IST

    Bomb attacks on Iraqi Shiite districts kill 15 people

    Bombings targeting Shiite districts have killed 15 people in and around Baghdad, authorities have said.

  • MegaBots, Inc. published a video
    Jul 07, 2015 20:47 IST

    Real-life Transformers: US challenges Japan in mega-robot duel

    A Japanese company's four-metre-high (13 foot) Kuratas robot, weighing four tonnes, is set to clash with a US rival's MegaBot. Suidobashi Heavy Industry took up the giant challenge in a weekend video, as the Japanese firm's chief Kogoro Kurata admitted that his country's robot culture was at stake.

  • couple
    Jul 07, 2015 21:23 IST

    After bizarre accidents, Russian police launch safe selfie guide

    The Russian police on Tuesday launched a campaign which advices people on taking safer selfies after around 100 were injured and dozens died this year in gruesome accidents while striking high-risk poses.

  • nigeria, market, bomb site
    Jul 07, 2015 17:13 IST

    Nigeria: Bomb blast, firing kills 25; attack blamed on Boko Haram

    A bomb blast and subsequent firing by three gunmen at a local government building on the outskirts of Zaria in northern Nigeria killed at least 25 people and civil servants on Tuesday morning, state governor, Nasir el-Rufai, said on his Twitter feed. Militant group Boko Haram is suspected to be behind the attack.

    Jul 07, 2015 09:07 IST

    HSBC fires staff for mock Islamic State execution video

    British bank HSBC fired six staff after they performed a mock Islamic State-style execution video during a team-building day out and posted footage online, a spokesman confirmed on Tuesday.

  • Kabul
    Jul 07, 2015 13:45 IST

    Suicide car bomber targets Nato forces in Kabul

    A suicide car bomber targeted a convoy of Nato troops in the Afghan capital on Tuesday, causing several casualties. The powerful explosion in Shah Shahid area of Kabul was heard across the city, Afghan media reports said.