Acura searches for perfect blend of performance and comfort with TLX Prototype

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  • Updated: Jan 16, 2014 16:17 IST

Acura TLX Prototype. Photo:AFP

Acura's latest sedan concept, revealed at Detroit, was developed around the theme "Red Carpet Athlete," according to the brand, who announced that a heavily influenced production version will be arriving this summer.

Acura has pulled out all the stops in terms of technology and design to make the cabin of its latest sedan concept as large and roomy as possible without making the car itself too long or too wide.

Large, ungainly cars tend to get out of shape very quickly under heavy acceleration, heavy braking or quick cornering. Improving the car's handling characteristics is also the reason why it has very short overhangs; very little of the body extends beyond the wheels.

Other neat performance and handling tricks include all-wheel steering -- something that Porsche has just readopted for the 911 Turbo -- and intelligent all-wheel drive which will push different levels of power to each wheel if necessary to improve grip or avoid a spill.

The car also features a dual clutch, eight-speed paddle shift gearbox to wring every ounce of performance out of the engine when required, or to provide a silky smooth gear change for boulevard cruising.

So, the car manages to check every box needed to truly offer the best of both worlds -- except one, and it's a big one. The TLX Prototype's front grille and headlight light arrangement would look more at home as part of a public festive illuminations display around a small town monument than on the front of a sporty yet luxurious sedan. Hopefully this aesthetic shortfall will be addressed when the car transitions from prototype to production.



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