Audi may expand Q SUV family

Audi may expand Q SUV family

According to reports, Audi is planning a whole suite of new Q models, including a Q1 and crossovers that mix MPV and SUV traits.

Audi technical chief Ulrich Hackenberg said the Q range had “lots of potential”. An Audi Q1 model is reportedly being planned for 2016. It will be based on the firm’s MQB platform and will be built in Germany, with production of the next-generation Q5 shifting to Mexico to make production capacity for it.
“We can go up after that (with a Q8 or Q9) and can also go in between our current Q cars with a model between the Q3 and  Q5 or one between the Q5 and Q7,” said Hackenberg. “These are projects we are discussing and working on.”
“You can go sportier with Q cars but you can also be more MPV-like with more seats. Q can be a way of thinking, presenting a lifestyle. We need cars with more seats; MPVs are not fashionable but SUVs are, so why not combine both? The Q6 is a theory for this.”
The Q SUVs are already one of the more popular luxury product line-ups in our market and the carmaker even launched a pared-down version of it baby Q3 SUV. This bit of news could mean a whole level of excitement for the SUV segment, which is one of the fastest growing here and is expected to further develop going forward.

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