Bentley gets patriotic on its 95th anniversary

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  • Updated: May 16, 2014 16:06 IST

The Bentley Mulsanne 95. Photo:AFP

The luxury car company has built a very special edition of its flagship Mulsanne, inspired by British history and craftsmanship to celebrate its birthday. Only 15 examples will be created and each one will be exclusively offered to UK customers.

And the patriotism isn't simply marketing gesture or a sop to clients who wish the company was still independent, rather than part of the Volkswagen Group. The Mulsanne 95 is conceived to show how Bentley's British heritage and history can sit side-by-side with the most contemporary and modern global design themes and concepts of luxury.

The Bentley Mulsanne 95 - Interior. Photo:AFP

So, the car will be offered in a choice of three Union Flag-referencing colors -- (Britannia) Blue, (Empire) Red and (Oxford) White -- each of which has been specially created for and applied to the model using the latest technologies, but then meticulously hand-finished at the company's paint shop.

Likewise, the cabin is a demonstration of how lashings of leather and wood can sit comfortably alongside the most modern of in-car features.

Bentley searches the globe for interesting, striking and sustainable wood that can be used for interior veneers, and for the Mulsanne 95 the wood has come from an extremely rare walnut tree, estimated to be between 300 and 400 years old.

But don't worry, it wasn't simply hacked down, it came down during a storm in the UK in 2007.

Other unique touches for the special model include illuminated treadplates featuring the Union Flag and ‘Ninety-five' and 95 emblems embroidered on the seats.

The car is available to order now through Bentley showrooms in the UK.


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