'Hypercar' from Beirut on show in Qatar

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  • Updated: Feb 01, 2013 11:24 IST

A man walks past the first Arabian supercar, LykanHypersport, during the third International Qatar Auto Show on January 28, 2013 in Doha. Created by Beirut-based W Motors the LykanHypersport is labeled as the most exclusive, luxurious and technologically advanced Hypercar in the world that boasts never seen before cutting-edge technologies inside and out. Photo:AFP/Al-Watan Doha/Karim Jaafar

The Arab world's first true supercar, the LykanHypersport 2013, is turning heads in its official debut at the Qatar Motor Show this week.

Designed and developed to redefine the concepts of performance, luxury and exclusivity, the LykanHypersport 2013's creators, Beirut-based W Motors, claim that its flat-six, twin-turbocharged engine delivers 750hp and will propel the car from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds to reach the breakneck maximum speed of 390 kilometers per hour. In doing so the car is entering Bugatti Veyron territory in terms of performance levels.

But to be a true hypercar, performance and luxury must go hand in hand, and so for those who demand the finer things in life, the car's LED headlights are diamond-encrusted while the seats feature real gold stitching. The instrument panel uses a revolutionary 3D virtual holographic display and many of its functions and commands are motion- and gesture-activated.

Only seven examples of the LykanHypersport 2013 will ever be produced and each one will come with a 24/7 concierge service and a special edition $200,000 Cyrus Klepcys Watch also limited to seven examples.

Of the car, Ralph Debbas, W Motors' Chairman and Chief Executive Officer said: "We only worked with the best in the field, and not by coincidence, a majority of these companies are based in Italy, a country with a proud tradition of producing some of the most iconic sports cars in history. And now, through this partnership, not only did we produce a one-of-a-kind car, but also, with great pride, the first exclusively Arab brand of hypercars, an icon about to mark the industry forever."

The LykanHypersport 2013 will retail for $3.4 million with the first orders expected to be fulfilled in September 2013.


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