Mahindra's e2o a pricey affair

Mahindra's e2o a pricey affair

Mahindra’s e2o was launched amid much fanfare in Delhi. The on-road price in Delhi for the T-Zero base model was pegged at Rs. 5.96 lakh (on road). But this included sops amounting to Rs. 1.8 lakh from the state government. As a result, the e2o in Reva’s home market will cost a whopping Rs. 7 lakh (on road). The only sop it gets in Bangalore is a reduction in road tax from 12.5 percent to 5.5 percent for electric cars. 

The subsidy in Delhi comprises 15 percent on the base price, a 12.5 percent VAT refund and a 50 percent reduction on the current road tax.

The Delhi government’s commitment to the zero-emissions cause is understandable owing to the high levels of pollution in the city. It was one of the first cities to start an anti-pollution drive, introducing measures like emission regulations and CNG buses for mass transit, among others. 
In the e2o’s home city Bangalore, however, the government has not been as supportive and the car is expected to cost at least Rs. 1 lakh more. The base model (T-zero) will cost Rs. 7 lakh (on road) and the top end model (T-2) will be priced at Rs. 7.3 lakh (on road).
The e2o costs the most in the country in Ahmedabad where the top-end model comes with a price tag of Rs. 7.73 lakh (ex-showroom).  
The carmaker said the EV is expected to enter showrooms in other parts of the country by the end of March.
Mahindra e2o prices


Mahindra e2o T0 T2
New Delhi (on-road)

Rs. 5.95 lakh

Rs. 6.24 lakh

Punjab & Haryana (ex-showroom)

Rs. 7.19 lakh

Rs. 7.56 lakh

Mumbai (ex-showroom) Rs. 6.71 lakh

Rs. 7.05 lakh

Bangalore (ex-showroom)

Rs. 6.50 lakh

Rs. 6.83 lakh

Hyderabad (ex-showroom)

Rs. 7.32 lakh

Rs. 7.69 lakh

Kochi (ex-showroom)

Rs. 6.71 lakh

Rs. 7.05 lakh

Ahmedabad (ex-showroom)

Rs. 7.35 lakh

Rs. 7.73 lakh




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