Next-gen BMW X1 crossover in the works

Next-gen BMW X1 crossover in the works

BMW has begun testing its next-generation X1 crossover in Germany.

The next-gen BMW X1 (codename F48) will be based on BMW’s new UKL1 modular FWD platform which currently underpins the 1-series hatchback range. This platform will also be seen in the upcoming BMW 1-series GT MPV and the 2-series, as well as in BMW Group models such as the all-new Mini range.

The UKL1 platform (acronym derived from Unter Klasse, which means sub-class) offers the ability to carry a range of transversely mounted engines and can also be equipped with all-wheel drive (AWD). It is built largely from steel and will allow BMW to exploit economies of scale. The manufacturer eventually plans to produce more than 9,00,000 UKL1-based cars per year globally.   

The new BMW X1 will compete with the likes of Mercedes’ upcoming MFA-platform-based GLA compact luxury SUV and the Audi Q3.

This next-gen X1 is expected to share engines with the 1-series and will be lighter and more spacious than the current model. BMW is likely to unveil the new X1 crossover in 2015. 


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