Resqtech launches compact car washers

Resqtech launches compact car washers

International car washing systems company Resqtech – with a worldwide presence spanning over a hundred countries including the US, the UK, Germany, Australia and Singapore – in collaboration with CBS systems, has now entered the Indian market.

The company has launched a variety of products starting with an 8 and 14 litre manually operated washer with pump action system, priced at Rs. 1,995 and Rs. 2,695, respectively. There is also a 12 volt DC powered 25 litre bucket, which can be plugged into the car's cigarette lighter, and is available for Rs. 5,395. If you want the built-in rechargeable battery option, you can get it for Rs. 7,195. The company also offers a submersible washer with a rechargeable battery option, the standard model is available for Rs. 4,495, while the rechargeable battery equipped model is priced at Rs. 6,295. Along with being listed and available on e-commerce websites including, these products can also be ordered online at; the company provides free delivery of these products with cash-on-delivery option.
All these products come with a gardening nozzle, a microfibre towel, replaceable brush, sponge brush and an instruction manual as standard. Other than the standard equipment, the company is also offering a number of accessories.
Resqtech claims that all the products are made from a durable plastic material that would last up to seven years, and come with a one year warranty, after-sales support and spare parts availability. The company has also uploaded videos on its website to guide you through the operation of each product.

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