The Toyota ME.WE concept, redefining the concept of the car

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  • Updated: Apr 30, 2013 12:40 IST

Toyota ME.WE. Photo:AFP

The ME.WE, Toyota's new concept of the future of personal mobility, has been conceived to address environmental and financial concerns while proving drivers with the perfect balance of freedom and responsibility.

Conceived and developed in partnership with renowned creative interior and architectural designer Jean-Marie Massaud, the Toyota ME.WE uses recycled polypropylene to form its ultra-light body panels and sustainable bamboo for its flooring and interior -- all mated to a strong but equally lightweight tubular aluminum frame.

The result is a car that both Toyota and Massaud hope will redefine the concept of social mobility for future generations. The ME.WE follows strict minimalist principles -- there is no real dashboard or instrument cluster, simply a screen to which a smartphone connects -- yet due to the method of its construction it can go from being a four-seat convertible to a two-seat pick-up and even a true four-wheel drive off-roader simply by folding away seats or activating the electric motors in each of the car's wheels.

ME.WE is an intelligent response to the ecological threats posed by mass production and the increasing number of cars on the world's roads, and the simplicity of its design is matched by its ease of use. Thanks to in-wheel electric motors and a battery pack that forms part of the vehicle's floor, the tiny car offers a relatively huge amount of interior space that the driver and passengers can optimize to suit their needs -- whether for a trip to the beach or a drive around town. The seats can even be removed altogether and set up on the ground for an impromptu picnic.


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