Volvo's new SUV to get pioneering safety tech

Volvo's new SUV to get pioneering safety tech

Volvo says that its new XC90 SUV that is slated to go on sale in the international markets later this year, will be packed with safety technology that will make it the safest car ever made. The new XC90 SUV will be packed with two new world-first technologies - accident avoidance and junction braking systems. The move is a part of the carmaker's plan to bring down the casualty rate in Volvo cars, in the case of an accident, down to almost zero by 2020.

Among the key safety features that the XC90 will get is 'Safe Positioning', that will help protect cars that have been forced off the road in accidents. This feature combines pre-tensioning of the front seat belts if a crash is detected along with energy-absorbing seats to minimise spinal injuries. There's a lane departure warning system too that can apply torque to the steering wheel, while a driver alert system will act as a precaution and detect if motorists aren't paying attention and will direct them to the nearest rest stop.
Another technology which Volvo claims is a world first is its junction braking system. If the XC90 detects that rear impact by a vehicle at a junction is imminent, it pre-tensions the seat belts, as well as the activating lights to warn the driver behind. The system also protects against turning into the path of an oncoming car. Volvo says its seats use the next generation of whiplash protection technology to prevent injuries.
Meanwhile, a roll-over prevention system will apply braking force to wheels and restrict the engine torque if the vehicle is in danger of rolling over. A new Queue Assist can also allow the car to take over autonomous acceleration, braking and steering when manouvering in a slow-moving queue. City braking, road sign recognition and blind spot monitoring systems will also feature on the new XC90. Buyers will also be able to specify a new suite of assistance technologies called IntelliSafe. An extended parking assist function can guide motorists into parking bays while monitoring the area around the car for traffic and a 360-degree view is also available to the driver inside.
The Safe Positioning, lane assist, driver alert, junction braking, city braking and road sign recognition systems have already been confirmed as standard equipment on the new car, although Volvo won't reveal the exact specification or pricing information until closer to its launch.

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