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Kids Zone

Lighting up many lives

Underprivileged children get a new chance at life, thanks to Al Noor Charitable Society. Rahul Sabharwal tells more.

Spiritual kids tend to be healthier

Prayer has been shown to correlate to lower blood pressure, cortisol levels, rates of depression, as well as increased rates of self-described well being, according to a new study.

Playful kids likely to maintain active lifestyle

Children who are given plenty of opportunities to play at home are more likely to maintain an active lifestyle as grown-ups, according to new research.

Forcing kids to ‘clean their plates’ can turn them into overeaters

Forcing your kid to eat cold, mushy veggies may do more harm than good, according to a new study.

Peanuts cure kids of allergies

In a breakthrough study, scientists have successfully cured peanut allergy by building up children''s tolerance to the oval-shaped nut.

Freedom makes kids ‘more active’

According to a study at University of Bristol, kids who are allowed to visit friends and go shopping on their own are more active.

Classroom intervention cuts kids’ viewing of violent TV

Researchers from Oregon State University suggest a classroom-based intervention program that has been found to significantly reduce the amount of violent TV that children watch.

Words kids love to hear: Love. symphony...

'Eloquent,' 'love' and 'symphony' these are just some of the words that grab students’ eyeballs and ears as they find them pretty, but words like 'vomit,' 'moist' and 'puke' are a big turn off, revealed a new survey.

Music can enhance kids’ reading skills

Researchers found that children taking music tuition involving training in increasingly complex rhythmic, tonal, and practical skills display superior cognitive performance in reading skills compared to their non-musically trained peers.

Kids’ love for sweet taste linked to their physical growth

Kids’ heightened liking for sweet-tasting foods is linked to their physical growth, according to a new study.

Children unhappy with looks face psychological consequences

Satisfaction with one's looks is vital for a positive self-image. And children and young people having a negative body image can have a number of serious psychological consequences.

Kids who skip breakfast may become obese adults

If your schoolgoing kids skip breakfast saying they are 'too tired' or 'can't be bothered', then beware, they may grow into obese adults, says a survey.

Anaesthesia plays spoilsport in children's learning

Children under four years who are administered general anaesthesia are much more vulnerable to the risk of developing learning impairment compared to others of similar age.

Parents need to be counselled to handle child abuse: panel

Alarmed at the sudden spurt in cases of fathers sexually abusing their daughters, the panel said that parents need to recognise the fact that more than half the country's children are sexually abused.

Cartoons may help diagnose autism

It is already known that individuals with autism spectrum disorders tend to stare at people's mouths rather than their eyes. Watching how a tot reacts to cartoons could help spot autism, according to a new research.
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