New intra-vaginal ring may prevent HIV in women

  • PTI, Washington
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  • Updated: Sep 30, 2013 01:59 IST

A new easy-to-use intra-vaginal ring filled with an anti-retroviral drug could be extremely effective at preventing the deadly HIV in women, a new study has found.

The ring is easy to use, long lasting, and recently has demonstrated a 100% success rate protecting primates from the simian immunodeficiency virus (SHIV). The device will soon undergo its first test in humans, researchers said.

“After 10 years of work, we have created an intra-vaginal ring that can prevent against multiple HIV exposures over an extended period of time, with consistent prevention levels throughout the menstrual cycle,” said Patrick Kiser, an expert in intra-vaginal drug delivery.

Previous studies have demonstrated that antiviral drugs can prevent HIV infection, but existing methods for delivering the drug fall short.

The new ring is easily inserted and stays in place for 30 days. And because it is delivered at the site of transmission, the ring — known as a TDF-IVR (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate intravaginal ring) — utilises a smaller dose than pills.


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