Smart Zone

  • Sep 03, 2009 10:52 IST

    Open Sesame: Whiff of European magic in Indian capital

    They make cars disappear, walk through levitating people, make butterflies fly out of TV screens...You guessed right - they are magicians! And they are here from Germany with a trick or two up their sleeves.

  • Aug 27, 2009 16:38 IST

    Learning Sanskrit will soon be a click away

    Teachers of Sanskrit are soon going to put online a module of courses that will enable anyone to log on to the internet and learn Sanskrit, the mother of most Indian languages.

  • Apr 27, 2009 17:03 IST

    DU se Politics tak

    With election season at its peak, we get you some of the hot-shot political figures who have studied at Delhi University.

  • Apr 22, 2009 20:31 IST

    Can't make up your mind? 'Sleep on it'

    Researchers at Tilburg University in the Netherlands have carried out the study and found that someone struggling with a big decision should "sleep on it" instead of taking a snap decision.

  • computer
    Apr 21, 2009 13:09 IST

    Why surfing web at office is good

    Employees who use the net at the office may be doing their bosses a favour because they are more amenable to working after office hours or from home, according to a new study.

  • SMS
    Apr 08, 2009 20:04 IST

    ‘Texting’ bug bites moms and grannies!

    It’s not just the teens who are addicted to text messaging. A report suggests that mothers of all ages, have started to use text messages to keep in touch with their kids.

  • Apr 07, 2009 16:14 IST

    Point and show

    Nokia has introduced an innovative service concept - Nokia Point & Find - that enables people on the move to access relevant information and services on the Internet, simply by pointing their mobile phone camera at real-life objects.

  • Mar 27, 2009 14:24 IST

    'Soft skills' predict financial, social success later in life

    High school students who had good social skills and work habits and took part in extracurricular activities made more money and completed higher levels of education than their classmates.

  • Laughter
    Mar 21, 2009 16:48 IST

    Jokes belong to only 8 genres

    You can make a person laugh only in eight ways, says a leading evolutionary theorist who claims to have found the reason to why jokes are funny.

  • Mar 18, 2009 14:16 IST

    Being nice helps finish first in business world

    When it comes to making big in the business world, being honest, kind and respectful gives an individual a real competitive advantage over his/her peers, according to a new study.

  • Facial expressions
    Mar 17, 2009 17:16 IST

    Facial features can reveal your personality

    An expert who has analysed the face of US President Barack Obama, says that knowing what the other person's face is telling can help establish rapport with him/her.

  • brain
    Mar 13, 2009 12:53 IST

    Mind may be ‘read’

    It may be possible to “read” a person’s memories just by looking at his/her brain activity. A study by scientists in Britain shows that memories are recorded in regular patterns.

  • Barbie
    Mar 09, 2009 16:07 IST

    That Barbie fixation

    On this iconic doll’s 50th anniversary, we get chatting with some of our own hotties on their Barbie stories.

  • job
    Mar 06, 2009 15:10 IST

    Ears can play key role in landing a job!

    Think your references and qualifications are more than enough to help you land a job? Well, you’re certainly mistaken, for your ears too may play a key role in the process.

  • keyboard
    Feb 28, 2009 13:23 IST

    Keyboards fast making handwriting history

    Experts warn that the ancient art form of handwriting is dying out – courtesy email and text messaging. Without keyboards, working in an office can sound really lame – going by today’s standards.