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Zany Science

Scientists erase bad memories from brain

Canadian scientists at the University of Toronto and the local Hospital for Sick Children have found a link between a given memory and specific neurons - the cells in the brain that transmit information - that store it.

'Maps of Science' may help predict scientific innovation

Scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US have for the first time come up with a way to produce high-resolution ‘Maps of Science’, depicting the virtual trails that scientists leave behind while retrieving information from online services.

Researchers tame rogue waves of light

Rogue waves of light, rare and explosive flare-ups that are mathematically similar to gigantic and terrifying freak waves at sea, have recently been tamed by a group of researchers.

The inventor

His mind is a physics laboratory and his drawing room a workshop. Meet the professor who learned to tackle his disability through his inventions.

Don’t give weapons to robots, says scientist

A scientist has said that the idea that robots might one day be able to tell friend from foe is deeply flawed, and that’s why they can’t be trusted with weapons.

Now, a robotic computer that can be operated by gestures

Forget about using keyboard or mouse to operate your computer, for scientists have now developed a PC with a robotic neck that can be controlled only by gestures. 

Scientists create an ‘impossible alloy’

Scientists have created an alloy between two incompatible elements, which was considered impossible earlier.

Social robots may soon be living around us

Bringing robots closer to humans, scientists have now unveiled humanoid and dog robots that develop unique personalities when they interact with humans in a "robot nursery".

Eddie Van Halen creates indestructible guitar

Dutch/American rock star Eddie Van Halen has managed to create a new indestructible guitar with bosses of a top medical tool company.

Oldest killer whales make the best mothers

Killer whales closer to menopause seem to be more successful in bringing up their young, whose survival rates were also higher. One female is believed to be more than 90 years old.

Novel speech prediction software developed

Scientists from National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) have developed a novel speech prediction software that can complete half-formed words or sentences.

Why teeth form in a single row

A system of opposing genetic forces determines why mammals develop a single row of teeth, while sharks sport several, according to a study.

Now, robots that respond to human gestures

Autonomous, do-it-all robots are no longer the domain of science fiction or cartoons like The Jetsons, thanks to scientists who have developed a robot that responds to human gestures.

Intelligence is largely inherited

The researchers used a new type of brain-imaging scanner to show that intelligence is strongly influenced by the quality of the brain's axons, or wiring that sends signals throughout the brain. 

Flying car takes off successfully

An American company has successfully tested its flying car, which took flight and landed at an upstate New York air strip recently.
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