45-yr-old man sets house on fire to evict stubborn tenant

Fed up with his tenant refusing to vacate the room in his house despite repeated requests, a man set his home in Kolsewadi, Kalyan, on fire on Sunday. The police have arrested Masid Sheikh, 45, and are conducting investigations.

Inspector BG Rohan from Kolsewadi police station, Kalyan, said, “On Sunday, the room in which Narayan Shetty was staying suddenly caught fire. Most of his belongings were charred in the fire. He kept wondering aloud about how his room caught fire, when a neighbour told him he had seen Sheikh light the fire.”

Shetty then came to Kolsewadi police station with the neighbour and lodged a complaint against Sheikh.

Sheikh confessed to the police he had no option but to do what he did as the tenant was refusing to vacate his room. Sheikh said he did not approach the court as it was a time-consuming process.


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