7-yr-old’s trauma: Dad kills mom, child tossed among cops, court and rescue home

  • TS Sudhir, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jul 09, 2016 14:12 IST
From a murder site to the police station to court to a child rescue home, the trauma just does not seem to end for seven-year-old Sania. (HT Photo)

From a murder site to the police station to court to a child rescue home, the trauma just does not seem to end for seven-year-old Sania.

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Her father Rupesh Mohanani allegedly killed his wife, a Congo national Cynthia Vechel, cut her body into 9 pieces and drove along with Sania to a desolate spot on the outskirts of Hyderabad to burn the severed corpse on Monday. Villagers spotted blood stains on his vehicle, stopped him and got him arrested.

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Now with her father in jail and a dead mother, Sania is an orphan, with an insensitive state neither able to decide where to send her nor showing the empathy for what the young mind must be going through.

Instead of producing Sania before the Child Welfare Committee, which is empowered to provide her temporary shelter with family members, police took her to court on Wednesday. The judge sent her to the Children’s Rescue Home in Kachiguda area of Hyderabad.

“It is most shocking that Sania was sent to a place where destitute are put up. Not someone who is a victim of circumstances at such a young age. Not someone who has extended family members who are willing to look after her. She needs tender loving care now, it is not a custody issue we are dealing with,’’ an angry Isidore Phillips, a child rights activist, says.

Even though the option to let Sania stay with her paternal grandmother, with whom she has a very good equation, exists, neither the police nor the court exercised that choice.

“We can see that Sania is very attached to her grandmother,’’ Naveen Chand, Cyberabad (West) commission of police. “But the police cannot take the decision on who she should live with. Only the court is empowered to take that call.’’

What followed on Friday was worse. The Ranga Reddy court asked Sania to be present in the courtroom on Friday. When she was produced, the judge asked her to be taken to the family court. The judge at the family court rejected the case arguing it was not his jurisdiction. He then said Sania should be sent back to the Ranga Reddy court.

No thought was paid to how intimidated the child must have felt by the atmosphere in court.

Unable to take a decision, the court sent her this time to another children’s rescue home in Rajendranagar area of Hyderabad for the weekend.

A tragic case of a child traumatised over and over again.

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