Anna Hazare’s village fasts for a day

Not a single stove was lit in Anna Hazare’s village Ralegan Siddhi in Ahmednagar district, on Tuesday.

The villagers, who have been supporting Hazare’s crusade against corruption for more than two decades, undertook a one-day token fast on the first day of his indefinite hunger strike in New Delhi.

Heavy police security has been deployed at the village, which has a population of 2,500.

On Tuesday, more than 500 villagers sat in the Yadavbaba temple while activists from various parts of the state came to the village.

During Gudi Padwa celebrations, the villagers put up black clothes in on their 'gudis' as a mark of protest against the government.

Sources in Hazare’s office said the villagers would support the activist and undertake various other agitations, including signature campaign, silent march, etc.

Vyankatesh Mapari, a resident of Ralegan Siddhi, said Hazare would return victorious. “He has pledged that he won’t come back unless the government has accepted his demand. People in Delhi don’t know his determination,” said.

Datta Aware, another villager, said they were more determined this time since the fight was for the larger interest of the country.


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