Bihar women spam road construction ministry number with texts for Tejaswi Yadav

  • IANS , Patna
  • Updated: Jul 13, 2016 11:00 IST
Hundreds of personal messages for Bihar deputy chief minister Tejaswai Yadav have landed on the WhatApp number of the road construction ministry in the last two weeks. (PTI file)

When Bihar deputy chief minister Tejaswi Yadav decided to publicise a WhatsApp number 9470001346 of the state road construction ministry, it was to help the residents of the state send photographs of bad roads for repair. Instead, young women have taken to sending the bachelor minister personal messages on the number instead.

The number of the road construction ministry -- 9470001346 -- has been construed as the former cricketer’s very own.

“Hundreds of personal messages for Tejaswai Yadav landed in the WhatApp number in the last two weeks,” an official of the road construction department said. He did not say whether the messages were accompanied by photographs or other details.

Yadav jokingly said that such personal messages could have landed him into deep trouble had he been married. “Thank God, I am still single,” he reportedly said, according to a ministry official.

26-year-old Yadav -- son of RJD supremo Lalu Prasad -- is said to be one of the most high-profile bachelors in Bihar along with his elder brother Tej Pratap, who is Bihar’s health minister.

Yadav had earlier used social media platform to help the residents of Bihar .

Last December, he helped an engineering student from Sitamarhi district to get his pending scholarship. The student had complained to Yadav through Facebook that he was not getting the scholarship which was due to him.

Yadav had then directed concerned officials to look into the complaint and ensure that the youth received the scholarship money.

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