Dependency syndrome hindering youth-in-exile: Tibetan PM

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  • Updated: Oct 05, 2013 19:46 IST

Concerned over low morale and confidence among the youth in the Tibetan community-in-exile, Sikyong (Tibetan Prime Minister-in-exile) Lobsang Sangay has called upon the people to eradicate the problems like dependency syndrome to create a more self-reliant society.

“The dependency syndrome prevalent in our Tibetan community is hindering the morale of our children. We should work to eradicate this poison and create a more self-reliant society,” said Sangay on conclusion of a health workshop on “School health workshop-cum-substance abuse review meeting” organised by the department of health, Central Tibetan Administration.

He said no school or society was devoid of problems and Tibetan schools and community was no exception.

“We should recognise these problems and remove the cause of these problems from the root,” Sangay said, adding that such workshops would help identify innovative ways to solve these problems.
Raising the issue of substance abuse and gambling among students, Sangay said people-in-exile should work collectively to remove these problems.

Giving some common causes of these problems, Sangay said smoking by elders especially teachers and parents, gambling during weekends, domestic violence and influence of bad company are some of the causes driving children towards a life of vice.

He called for an emphatic effort by the community towards building a robust morale and confidence in children's outlook towards life.

“Confidence and a robust mind devoid of low self-esteem is the key to success. We should acknowledge their effort, appreciate hard work and encourage students to believe that they can do anything if they attempt to do something wholeheartedly,” Sangay said.

He also said peer pressure was one of the main constraints that determine how children and students look towards life.

The three-day workshop was attended by over 27 participants from Tibetan schools across India, including rectors, teachers, counsellors and nurses. The workshop was aimed at capacity building for Tibetan health personnel.


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