'Divisive' Advani's exit good for country: Congress MP

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  • Updated: Jun 10, 2013 20:35 IST

BJP stalwart LK Advani's resignation from all BJP posts is a good sign for the country, Goa Congress MP Francisco Sardinha said on Monday.

Sardinha told IANS that Advani was one of those leaders who always thrived by creating "social and religious" divisions within the country.

He was answering a question on Advani's Somnath to Ayodhya Ram Rath yatra in the 1990s, which was aimed at creating momentum during Ram Janmabhoomi temple campaign.

"Yes we are happy. These are leaders who always thrived by creating social and religious divisions within society," said Sardinha, who is also the chairman of the Lok Sabha Estimates Committee.

Advani's resignation from all party posts on Monday came a day after his colleague and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi was appointed chief of the party's election management committee at the end of a three-day BJP conclave in Goa.

The appointment came in the wake of opposition from Advani himself and leaders considered close to the party patriarch to Modi's elevation.

The veteran BJP leader preferred to stay away from the meet, citing ill health.

Sardinha said Modi's appointment as chairman of the BJP's  election management committee was good news for the Congress, as the Gujarat chief minister had started off his "campaign" by dividing his own party.

"One day after his appointment, his own party is divided. How will he unite the country? His appointment is very good news for the Congress. Now we will definitely win the election (Lok Sabha)," Sardinha said.


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