Driver using mobile phones kill thousands

Using a mobile phone while driving is one of the main causes of accidents on serpentine roads across the state. This was found during a month-long police survey.

In the wake of increasing number of accidents, the police carried out a special drive to ascertain the factors responsible for road mishaps.

During the drive, the police narrowed down on four main reasons leading to road accidents in Himachal Pradesh. The police findings reveal that mostly accidents were caused due to use of mobile phones while driving.

In a month-long drive that started on May 13 and continued till June 12, the police challaned 4,439 offenders.

What came to the surprise of cops was the extensive use of cellphones during driving. Of the total, as many as 1,485 drivers were challaned for using mobile phones while driving.

Police findings conclude that the use of mobile phones reduces concentration that leads to accidents.

The investigations conducted by the police into a road mishap in Kullu in which 48 persons died recently revealed that the driver of the ill-fated vehicle was using a mobile when he lost control over the vehicle.

Rash and negligent driving was the second reason responsible for road accidents across the state. During the special drive, 1,221 drivers were challaned for the rash and negligent driving.

“It's sad that the bus mishap in Sirmour district was the result of negligent driving. The driver lost control over the vehicle when he was trying to throw an empty water bottle out of the bus,” said director general of police B Kamal Kumar.

The Kullu accident had promoted the police to conduct a special drive to ascertain the factors responsible for growing road accidents.

The police also found out that Bacchus lovers don't mind taking risk on the road after drinking. As many as 310 persons were challaned only for drunken driving.

According to the police records, in 2012, 2,899 vehicles met with accidents, killing 1,069 persons, while 5,330 were injured.

This year, 1,149 accidents took place in the state, while 380 persons were killed and 2,039 injured. The cops ascertained that   969 drivers indulged in over-speeding.

Overloading of private carriers was also one of the main reasons for road accidents in the state. As many as 454 vehicles were challaned for carrying passengers more than the registered capacity.

The police found that a majority of traffic violations were caused by private vehicle owners. Another reason for the road accidents were black spots. A study conducted by GVK EMRI that runs the 24x 7 emergency ambulances services in the state have identified 313 black spots.

District     N. of black spots
Solan               50
Bilaspur           21
Chamba          31
Hamirpur         28
Kangra            51
Kinnaur            4
Kullu               22
Lahaul & Spiti  4
Mandi             26
Shimla             32
Sirmour           19
Una                 25
Total               313

Total number of vehicles challaned: 4,439 

Overloading                               454
Use of mobile while driving        1,485
Drunken driving                          310
Rash driving                              1,221
Over-speeding                            969

The data is from May 8 to June 13


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