Elephants creating problems along Indo-Bangla border

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  • Updated: Aug 07, 2009 13:02 IST
Guess, who is unwittingly helping the Northeast insurgents cross the Indo-Bangla border? It is the elephants.

Marauding wild elephants along the Indo-Bangla border have kept the BSF troops on tenterhooks even as insurgents crossing the border often tread the route taken by the pachyderms to escape the security pickets.According to official records, there were around six instances when elephants damaged or broke portions of barbed wire fencing last year.

The elephants also either uprooted or misplaced five boundary pillars, all in the Garo hills region during 2008."Militants often try to cross over the border along the thickly forested hostile unfenced portions in Tura sector of Meghalaya. They often follow the trail of migratory elephant herds to cross the border as BSF personnel are unlikely to be near the pachyderm herds," a BSF official said.

The border guards, who are already battling harsh topographical conditions and lack of proper fencing along the Indo-Bangla border, are worried over the frequent depredation caused by some 400 elephants which move about the border areas, often damaging property.An officer of the BSF was killed by elephants at Dalu in the Garo hills region when the herd attacked a check point four years back.


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