India tests Dhanush ballistic missile

  • Priya Ranjan Sahu, Hindustan Times, Bhubaneswar
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  • Updated: Oct 05, 2012 15:06 IST

A day after the successful flight test of indigenously developed surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile Prithvi II, India on Friday successfully test fired its naval counterpart Dhanush.

The 35-km short rage surface to surface ballistic missile developed by Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) for the Navy, was launched at 11.25 am from a Naval ship off the coast of Balesore district in Odisha, more than 200 km east of Bhubaneswar.

"It was a text book launch meeting all the mission objectives," Ravi Kumar Gupta, director, Defence Research Development Organisation, said after the successful launch of the missile by the India's Strategic Force Command (SFC).

On Thursday India successfully test-fired its indigenously developed surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile Prithvi II from the Integrated Test Range (ITR) at Chandipur in the district. Dhanush had also to be test fired on the day, but its launch was held back for a day due to inclement weather conditions in the sea.

Similar in features to Prithvi, the 9-metre tall single-staged liquid fuelled missile is capable of carrying warhead of 500 kg to a distance of 350 kg can be launched from naval ships. Equipped with a high accuracy inertial navigation system with sophisticated on-board control and guidance, Dhanush has ability to hit sea and shore based enemy targets with great precision.


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