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Keep calm and dump your bags: Lessons to learn from Emirates plane crash-landing

india Updated: Aug 04, 2016 19:28 IST
Tushar Srivastava, Hindustan Times

An Emirates airline crash landed at the Dubai airport on Wednesday.(PTI Photo)

Some 300 passengers and crew miraculously escaped after an Emirates flight crash landed in Dubai on Wednesday and a part of it exploded into a ball of fire shortly after everybody had been evacuated.

The crew were hailed for their efforts that made sure there were no injuries, but it could have gone all wrong.

An amateur video -- shot by a passenger -- of the moments before the evacuation throws up many lessons for air passengers on how not to go about it during a crisis on-board. HT goes through the video and points out some of them:


What they did: Passengers were seen moving about in the cabin, some in near-panic. There was shouting and shoving. All these made the evacuation difficult and delayed everyone’s way to safety.

What you should do: While the first instinct of many would be to panic under these circumstances, such behaviour only makes the job of the crew difficult. Calm and order help. Stay in your seat and await instructions.


What they did: Passengers were heard shouting out to each other while the captain and crew gave instructions over the in-flight address system which many may not have been able to hear. Precious time was possibly lost.

What you should do: Listen out for clear instructions from the crew and follow them. Do not deviate from the suggested operating procedure.


What they did: Despite the crew asking passengers repeatedly to leave their bags behind, none appeared to heed the advice. They were seen opening overhead bins and taking out their hand bags. This could have been disastrous.

What you should do: Once the slide chutes are deployed and passengers are asked to leave, take along nothing. Just head for the nearest exit in an orderly fashion.

This list is not exhaustive and there may have been more violations during Wednesday’s evacuation. But experts believe the incident can serve to improve passenger behaviour and response during an on-board crisis.

“There should be educational videos made, citing the accident, on how passengers should behave and act in such cases,” a CEO of an Indian budget carrier told HT.

“They should just leave everything behind and move out.”

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