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The story of a man who set his son's lover afire in Uttar Pradesh, SRK's take on the pressures of the profession, Rashid Irani's review: Man of Steel and Google's new Internet-beaming balloons were most read by visitors to the website. Listed are the list of stories.

Man sets his son's lover afire in Uttar Pradesh
In a bizarre incident, a man set his son’s girl friend afire on Thursday when she insisted on marrying his son claiming years of relationship with him. Read more...

The loneliness of a star is a scary place: Shah Rukh Khan
As Jiah Khan’s death takes centre stage and Sooraj Pancholi is remanded in police custody, SRK talks about the pressures of the profession. “I think it hurts if you are given recognition and then it’s taken away. The loneliness of a star is a scary place.” Read more...

Rashid Irani's review: Man of Steel
Some two decades ago, Hollywood soothsayers had hazarded a guess: intimate dramas would become rare, comedies would continue at an even pace and mega-budget fantasies about messiahs endowed with unimaginable powers would become the predominant genre. Read more...

Google launches Internet-beaming, jellyfish-shaped balloons
Wrinkled and skinny at first, the translucent, jellyfish-shaped balloons that Google released from a field in New Zealand as they rose into the blue winter skies above Lake Tekapo, passing the first big test of a lofty goal to get the entire planet online. Read more...


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