Nursery rules: Parents await L-G’s reply

  • Mallica Joshi, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Dec 27, 2013 00:00 IST

The nursery admission guidelines continue to make parents anxious as schools still await a reply to the memorandum they sent to the Lieutenant-Governor (L-G) for certain changes.

The L-G, however, held a meeting with the director of education on Thursday.

The National Progressive Schools’ Conference (NPSC) had written to the L-G, demanding more autonomy for schools to decide the criteria for the points system. One of the main demands was that the neighbourhood criteria be changed and the points staggered to give benefit to those closest to the school.

As per the guidelines currently, anyone who lives within a 6 kilometer radius of the school will get 70 points out of a 100. Sources, however, said there was a chance of this rule being tweaked. “There may be some changes in the neighbourhood criteria. It is almost certain that in other fields, the rules will remain the same and the management quota will not come back,” sources said. In a survey conducted by an online portal too, almost 50% of the respondents indicated they wanted changes in this specific guideline.

“I am missing out on a number of good schools only by two kilometers. The L-G should think about areas such as ours and increase the eligibility to 10 kilometers,” said Archana Kanwar, a parent who lives in Mayapuri.

NPSC confirmed they had not received any communication from the L-G’s office yet.


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