Omnipresent netas influence kids' behaviour

  • Radhika Nagrath, Hindustan Times, Haridwar
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  • Updated: Jan 13, 2012 15:41 IST

The traditional Indian etiquette of greeting with folded hands is fast becoming a favourite amongst the tiny tots. Contours of political conduct seem to fascinate the youngsters more than the elders. Parents, who had failed to inculcate in their kids the habit of saying Namaste to the elders in spite of all the temptations, have found an easy way out. The toddlers too seem to have developed a liking to Netaji's etiquette of saying Namaste since their childhood.

"My ten-month-old baby does not respond to my call when I ask him to wish someone with folded hands. But as soon as I call on him 'What does netaji do', he promptly folds his hands and bows his head in a gesture to say Namaste," said a young mother of Shivlok colony of Haridwar. Not only the etiquettes, but also the vehicles used by politicos with red light are the favourite of the tiny tots amongst toy cars. "Red is the most fascinating colour for children and they pick toy with red colour the most," said salesperson at a gallery.

There is a  paradigm shift in the mindset of the people, say the analysts. Psychologist Namrata Mishra working at the mela hospital explains the phenomenon, "Children learn very fast from the atmosphere in the family. Whenever we appreciate him and laugh over his gestures, he gets encouraged. Also a trend has been observed, that earlier people used to look at film stars and politicos with scorn but these days they are our role models.


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