PM declares assets, says 'has no cash in hand'

  • Rahul Karmakar, Hindustan Times, Guwahati
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  • Updated: May 15, 2013 22:07 IST

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has no cash in hand, says the affidavit filed by him in Guwahati to seek re-election to Rajya Sabha from Assam.

In his affidavit submitted to assembly secretary Gouranga Das on Wednesday, the Prime Minister said his total annual income was Rs 4,051,964. But he has no cash in hand unlike his wife Gursharan Kaur who possesses Rs 20,000.

And while the urban India may be driving swanky cars, Singh’s car has a market value of only Rs 21,033.

Singh’s total movable asset is Rs 38,763,188 spread across five fixed deposits and three savings accounts. He holds one savings account in a bank branch in Guwahati and an NSS worth Rs 8,26,922 in New Delhi.

The least valuable of his movable assets is 1996 model Maruti 800 worth Rs 21,033.

Singh’s wife, on the other hand, has movable assets worth Rs 2,031,385 including 150.8gm of gold worth Rs 3,45,332. Apart from Rs 20,000 in hand, she has Rs 16,62,570 in a savings account.

The Prime Minister owns a two-storied house in Chandigarh and a DDA flat in Delhi. The two residences, purchased for Rs 24,08,000 is now worth Rs 7,52,50,000.

The affidavit also says that he is a resident of Guwahati’s Sarumotoria locality. Former chief minister Hiteswar Saikia had rented the house to him in 1991 to enable him to enter Rajya Sabha from Assam.

Singh pays Rs 700 as rent per month, to Saikia’s widow and former minister Hemoprova Saikia.


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