Pundits oppose amnesty to stone pelters

Panun Kashmir, an organisation of displaced Kashmiri Pandits, has said that chief minster Omar Abdullah's grant of amnesty to the stone pelters in valley would lead to the 'promotion of the separatist ideology' working behind it.

"There is an ideological motivated plan working behind the youth who resort to stone pelting and by granting amnesty to the youth addressing them as children would lead to much bigger consequences in promoting the separatism behind," said Panun Kashmir chairman Ajay Chrungoo.

He said that the government's strategy of rehabilitating the 'across border terrorists' is a much bigger conspiracy to appease the separatism in the state as there can be no effective parameter to gauge the integrity of the "terrorists coming back to the state for rehabilitation'.

"Government's plan of investing into separatism is just another mean of appeasement which could be termed as recycling of the separatists cadre in the state," said Ajay Chrungoo adding that policy of rehabilitation is fully devoid of any 'tested premise'.

Ajay Chrungoo was addressing a press conference highlighting the 'inhumane' conditions existing at Jagati Satellite Township.

He said that government's eagerness in looking into 'terrorist affairs' is obvious from the fact that it has no concern for its own people who are subjected to many hardships in the state.

He was referring to the lack of basic amenities like medical facilities, electricity, water, matador services and municipal neglect which the inmates of Jagti are faced with since the inception of the satellite town.

"The building structures in the township are crumbling, greater amount of sanitary seepage is reported from  sanitary pipes joints, non procurement of ration to the families, inadequate matador service to the camp, scanty furniture and improper infrastructure of the schools are some of the problems which the Jagati people are faced with in day to day life," said Ajay Chrungoo.

He also charged the administration for acting biased in allotment of the quarters to the deserving migrants.

PK urged the government to immediately intervene to look into all anomalies and take the corrective measures failing which the Jagati inmates would be left to resort to broader form of agitation.


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