RSS urges Govt to resolve Ayodhya issue by legislation

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  • Updated: Jun 18, 2003 13:45 IST

In an obvious reaction to the supposed lack of proof of any structure below the mosque at Ayodhya, the RSS on Wednesday urged the government to resolve the temple issue by legislation. It has virtually dismissed both the possibilities of settling the issue either judicially or through negotiations by labelling these alternatives "difficult".

The legislation option, which until now was chiefly promoted only by the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), seems to have suddenly found favour with the RSS. Calling it the "third alternative", RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav while interacting with the media here gave all indications that the recent developments in the Babri court case have prompted the organisation to once again gear up on the temple issue.

Pressing the cause of legislation, he said that solution through the other two alternatives of either negotiated or judicial settlement seemed difficult, if not impossible at this juncture.

He wriggled out of commenting on the archaeological findings saying what is being submitted to the court "cannot be discussed in public domain." When pointed out that reports indicated lack of evidence regarding existence of any structure below the mosque, Ram Madhav said that, "court does not depend on only one type of evidence." There is historical, legal and individual evidence also apart from British records, which will all be considered before arriving at a decision, he said.

Commenting on the perceived toughening of VHP stance on the temple issue again, he denied that VHP had ever changed its attitude. Visibly gearing for battle, he said, "We (RSS) agree with the VHP, if not its language, its sentiments on the issue."

Madhav also raised the contentious temple issues of Kashi and Mathura, saying these too needed to be resolved. Calling for "freedom" of these three temples, he stressed that a decision should be reached in all these three cases.

RSS wants to be included in talks 

The RSS while expressing "respect" for the efforts being taken by the Shankaracharya to amicably resolve the vexed temple issue of Ayodhya, has indicated that it should be included in event of any such talks.

While the Shankaracharya has claimed that a large sectin of Muslim has showed its willingness for talks, RSS spokesperson Ram Madhav claimed ignorance regarding exactly who constituted this section. He said that the RSS had not yet been contacted in this regard.

While expressing regard for the Shankaracharya himself, Ram Madhav however stressed that views and sentiments of organisations spearheading the Ayodhya temple movement should be given due importance during any such talks.


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