Situation of Kharif crop in Haryana satisfactory

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  • Updated: Jul 29, 2013 18:31 IST

As much as 87.6 per cent of the total targeted 30.93 lakh hectares area has been brought under kharif crops this season so far, Haryana government said today.
An agriculture department's spokesman said that it has been observed that farmers are more keen to cultivate cash crops. All necessary inputs are being supplied to farmers to grow and sustain their crops, he added.
Among the cash crops, as against the target to bring 10,000 hectares under kharif oil seeds, 15,000 hectares of area has already been covered.
As against the target to cultivate sugarcane in 1.10 lakh hectares of area, 1.27 lakh hectares have so far been covered under this crop.
Although a target was set to bring three lakh hectares of area under guar, this crop has already been sown over an area of 3.45 lakh hectares.
In case of cotton, as against a target of six lakh hectares of area, 5.56 lakh hectares have already been brought under cotton cultivation.
While referring to other kharif crops, he said that paddy has so far been sown over an area of 10.50 lakh hectares as against the targeted area of 11.50 lakh hectares and area brought under jowar cultivation is also more than the targeted area showing an increase of 102 per cent.
There was a target to sow jowar over an area of 80,000 hectares, but it has already covered 81,000 hectares.
He said that as against a target to sow maize over an area of 50,000 hectares, it has so far been cultivated over an area of 20,000 hectares.
The area under bajra cultivation is 4.10 lakh hectares as against target of 6.10 lakh hectares. Summer Moong has been sown over an area of 76,000 hectares as against the targeted area of 1.23 lakh hectares.
Similarly, 30,000 hectares have so far been brought under kharif pulses as against the targeted area of 60,000 hectares.



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