Sub-inspector sentences rape accused to be beaten with slippers

  • Haidar A Naqvi, Hindustan Times, Kanpur
  • Updated: Jul 12, 2016 19:12 IST
A married woman from Patra Sadwa village has accused her neighbour of rape in a complaint to the police.

A sub-inspector allegedly donned the role of an investigator and a judge to dispense ‘swift justice’ in a rape case in Patra Sadwa village.

A married woman accused her neighbour of rape in a complaint to the police. But instead of registering the complaint and arranging a medical examination in accordance with the law, Vishnu Kant Tiwari, the sub-inspector and in-charge of Pama post in Gajner police area, decided to take matters in his own hands.

He allegedly convened a panchayat meeting to hear the two parties, and found the accused guilty. He then sentenced the accused to be beaten 20 times with slippers.

“He got the punishment executed. The accused was beaten up on Sunday with chappals,” said a villager.

He is also said to have facilitated a written compromise between the accused and his victim.

Some villagers, including the victim, were dissatisfied by the quantum of punishment and raised an objection, but to no avail. The victim said she would complain to senior police officers about the incident.

Tiwari, however, claimed that he went to the village to investigate, but didn’t take any further action because the families of the accused and the victim compromised.

“Not registering a complaint of rape is a serious offence. If anyone has done this, he will not be spared,” said Kanpur Dehat superintendent of police Pushpanjali.

If the sub-inspector’s failure to perform his duty is proven, he could face up to seven years in prison. “The sub-inspector didn’t send the victim for a mandatory medical examination. He clearly is accused of hiding a crime and evidence under Section 201,” said senior lawyer Ankit Srivastava.

It is mandatory for a police officer to register a case and present the accused in court. Rape cases cannot be settled through a mutual compromise or judged by a panchayat, Srivastava added. 

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